Plan C

So I've always had Plan C and Plan D in place; meaning, If I die on the way to a wedding, the show must go on.  The bride and her family cannot know what has transpired, my team must complete the "mission".

I know on the outside this seems ludicrous, but seriously my death doesn't alter the fact that my sweet bride is getting married; MY death should not alter HER life.  So my goal is to always have systems in place should I die or become incapacitated.  I needed to know and feel confident that these processes would produce the desired outcome no matter if I, Parie, were there or not.

When I've told my employees and friends about my "Plan D" over the years they've looked at me like I had finally gone stark raving mad!  "Shut up Parie, don't talk like that!"

But what they don't understand is that this is what keeps me awake at night.  What would happen to my business, which is my legacy for my husband and children should I die or have a life altering accident?  What would happen to my team, my staff if my business fails because of my illness or death?

Well, it has become real for me.  I have stage 2 breast cancer, and although I plan on living and fighting this disease with every ounce of my being, the reality is that this is now a real problem, with a real pain that needs to be solved.  I plan on making this part of my journey, to chronicle the steps taken to solidify my business as well as my personal life while dealing with a life changing event.

So Plan C is just that, the plan to deal with CANCER and all that it brings.  As a wedding planner we always have Plan B in place, so this is natural for me, to formulate a process for the uncertain with a plan.  

Join me if you will.  I won't make any promises on how often I will post, or how inspiring this will be.  But I do plan to be honest.  There will be good days filled with inspirational images and quotes, but there will also be days filled with angry posts and lots of cuss words.