The Power of Love...Flower Love

To try to fully explain how amazing my trip to Flower Stock was and the culmination of all it took to get there is going to pale to the real life experience.  

This was a GIFT from my amazing friends and family.  I left on a Sunday, exactly 3 months to the day I discovered the lump in my breast.  I had just finished my last round of chemo and was getting my mind and body ready for surgery.  I can't think of a better way to prepare for my second phase of my cancer journey than this.

Flying to Virginia.

To commune, create and dance among the flowers and friends at Hope Flower Farm.

Thank you Holly & Evan for the gift of Flower Stock. Thank you Janise for the gift of miles and being my travel buddy.  Thank you Susan for the extended stay to play with me in our nation's capital. And last, thank you to my husband, children and my Parie Designs family for always being there with your love and support.

Hope Flower Farm is simply put, a picture postcard of the idyllic southern farm life, made even more so by the family that runs it, Evan & Holly Chapple and her clan of kids and flower team.  I have so many wonderful memories, snippets if you will.  Here are just a few...

Sharing stories of our moms with Robbie & Valerie, a stolen 'heart to heart" with Mihaela , Sugar Babies nourishment from Nick,  sweet gifts from Heidi & Morgan, hugging my warrior in arms, Gaby, laughing til I almost cried thanks to Sylvia, total awe & inspiration from Lisa Waud, basking in the young glow that is Kate, a whacky night of distraction (seriously ask at your own peril) with Janise, Susan, Faye, Kim, Eatherly & Susan, meeting the iconic Beatrix Ost (can I be her when I grow up?!). And on the last day being flowered by the 2 powerhouse Susan's; Kelly & McLeary, I can't go into much detail about this here, but stay tuned it was magic!

Like I said, these are just a few of the memories I will cherish and take with me as I travel this journey called Plan C. Thank you, to all of you!  YOU FEED MY SOUL!